Treasure Island operates with tokens only, NO cash payments are accepted on any rides. 


Wristbands available from 12pm to 6pm. 

Prices range from £20 to £25, subject to height. 

Available at managers discretion.

Token Prices

Bargain Prices

50 Tokens £20
22 Tokens £10
10 Tokens £5
1 Token 60p

Ride Prices

Freak Out 4 Tokens
Disco Fever 4 Tokens
Star Flyer 4 Tokens
Waltzer 4 Tokens
Sizzler 4 Tokens
Dodgems 5 Tokens (per car)
Dragon Coaster 4 Tokens
Crazy Cage 4 Tokens
Carousel 4 Tokens
Astroglide 4 Tokens
Big Wheel 4 Tokens
Childrens Carousels 3 Tokens
Inflatables 2 Tokens

About us

Treasure Island is THE place to go in the midlands. There's fun for all the family and pets are welcome too! Come and experience the american theme park atmosphere mixed with the traditional british fairground.

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